Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm at That Point....

...where the stitch ripper has been brought out.  So close and yet so far... This is what I get for going 'off piste'- not using a pattern, but trying to duplicate something that is not my own.  The 'shadow box' seems too wide, it's getting narrowed.  The expanse of green blue in the link) is too expansive in a bigger size- it's being truncated.

But soon, soon, soon, there will be a queen sized quilt top!!  And my thoughts are already turning to the back side, and the quilting.

Here's what I'm thinking for the quilting...

Straightforward, modern, manly.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Beginnings

Usually I have a pretty simple pattern in mind when I'm making a quilt.  I feel like I'm not up to triangles yet- all that 1/4" measuring!!  So my uber-urban cousin asked me for a simple, modern quilt (how does this guy know what modern quilting is???!!) that is 'green'. I'm assuming he means colour, not ecological friendliness- though we might get to that too.

These are the fabrics I've chosen so far...
I can never resist sneaking a little Anna Maria Horner into the mix.  Sigh.  I love her.  Also some Chicopee from Denyse and the rest is from my stash- hand me downs, bought without purpose or leftovers from other quilts.  Oh, and that old shirt at the top from the thrift store.  So it's kinda 'green' too.  And of course there's the 'main' print Joel Dewberry's Woodgrain- mentioned in the last post. 

And here's the pattern that I'm cribbing-

well, it's not really a pattern is it?  Just a guide... so the Woodgrain would replace the light blue on the left hand half and the rest will make up those squres.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the squares background- possibly undyed linen.

We shall see!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Next Big Thing

My first queen sized quilt.  Ack.  Size does matter.  My uber-cool-urbanite-musician-cousin (male! mid-twenties!) randomly asked if anyone wanted to make him a 'green' quilt.   I'm assuming he means green in colour cuz I just bought 5 yards of Joel Dewberry's Woodgrain in Dill.

JD42 · Woodgrain · Dill

New Bag, New Blog

Two firsts- one a finish and one a beginning.  How do you like my new purse?
(Pattern is the 'Retro Bag' from Creative Handbags @ )

What am I thinking starting a blog?  So far, I'm considering this as mostly just a spot to record my creations.  Facebook pictures just aren't doing it for me anymore and I feel like I'm sharing my sewing with a lot of folks who don't 'do' sewing there.  So here we are!  Well, here I am, and perhaps you'll join me somewhere along the way.  

A neighbour of mine calls blogs 'brags', he's not wrong... but I'd like to think it will be a useful place to brag, and along the way I'll probably also bitch, bore you, wonder aloud (ran out of b words) and perhaps even learn something new.